The 12 Days of Christmas

Wait! Don’t take those decorations down! Christmas is not over. asics gel lyte 5 It has just begun! Modern culture has been very hard on the age old tradition of Christmas. Asics 2017 Nike Roshe Run Femme Pas Cher
The Church has done little to stem the cultural drift. adidas pas cher UConn Huskies Historically, Christmas day was the first of 12 days of Christmas, ending on January 5th, the day before Epiphany. asics gel lyte 3 adidas ultra boost Some traditions start the count the day after Christmas and end on Epiphany. PUMA evoTOUCH homme fjallraven kanken sale Some traditions gave gifts each of the 12 days (thus the song). Asics Gel Lyte 3 Pas Cher However, many of us were taught by habit that the 12 days of Christmas, popularized by the song, was the 12 days preceding Christmas. Air Jordan 14 Retro Such thinking is reinforced by the commercialization of Christmas especially by the after Christmas retail sales beginning on the 26th. Most churches will have their decorations down by the first Sunday after Christmas Day. ugg australia pas cher air max 2017 nero donna

I recently saw a facebook post by a Christian young man who was describing a “post Christmas” activity he was doing. Air Jordan Retro 28 nike pas cher The vast majority of the workforce barely get Christmas Eve off from work and, depending on the day Christmas falls on, may not get the 2nd day of Christmas off. Nick Chubb – Georgia Bulldogs Jerseys Certainly they don’t get the last 5 days of Christmas off. Nike Jordan 11 Future Thus, the celebration is short and sweet. Nike Air Yeezy Womens Kanken 16L Another facebook post on the 2nd day of Christmas was celebrating the fact that there are only 363 more days until Christmas. Traditions are good – especially our Christian traditions. nike air max 90 femme But they won’t be traditions anymore if the Church isn’t recognizing them, teaching them, and protecting them. Lawrence Taylor If the Church doesn’t do the job then someone else will with their own traditions. louboutin chaussures And thus it is that secular humanism has done a good job of hijacking the Church’s tradition of Christmas and redefining it for us. nike tn air max noir cheap nike air max And we let them do it mainly through ignorance and participation. nike huarache Air Jordan 1 Retro While we should always celebrate the Incarnation of our Lord and Savior, that special season of celebration should not be truncated down to one day.

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