Christian Community and Culture

There seems to be a way of applying the scriptures today that I don’t think is necessarily new or modern, but I do believe has become more pervasive the last 150 or so years in our country. The method is mostly if not entirely unspoken but finds manifestation in our Christian culture in several ways. It seems that, according to this new view, the scriptures are predominantly written to adults and about adults (with the exception of a few passages addressed to women and children) such that the life and faith applications of scripture are predominantly for those who are mature and of sound mind while the younger children are relegated to bible stories and memorizing verses until they come to some age of reason. adidas stan smith mu legend zen Ole Miss Rebels Jerseys Such a view of the scriptures propagates a concept of individualism that personalizes and internalizes the Christian faith to the detriment of family, generational continuity and cultural impact. Air Max 90 Mujer This is not the Hebrew worldview or family view. nike homme solde Hebrew culture was communal and family oriented. The Hebrew worldview and family view is the back drop from which the scriptures were written, inspired by the Holy Spirit who is covenant oriented. air jordan 31 Thus when Luke recorded 2000 years ago at Acts 16:15, “And when she and her household were baptized…” Luke wasn’t compelled to add parenthetically, “… and the children.” He didn’t need to. His readers, because of their cultural upbringing knew “household” included everyone, even children. asics pas cher Kelvin Sheppard Thankfully, our scriptures are not saturated with “… and the children” clauses for it would have unnecessarily doubled the size of the bible. ugg boots pas cher At least it wasn’t necessary then, but appears to be necessary for the modern reader of today. Thus, according to the modern view, too many of today’s children of Christian families are systematically excluded from the rights and privileges of Kingdom citizenship i.e. asics gel lyte 5 chaussure nike pas cher Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma Sooners the mark of Kingdom citizenship, baptism, and the means of grace through the communion of the saints, the Lord’s Supper. new balance femme ugg pas cher Authentic College Jerseys This is no small matter. chaussure asics By denying our children the mark of God’s covenant, baptism, we put them in the position of sinners who are cut off from God’s people. Adidas Superstar asics gel lyte 3 nero uomo

(Genesis 17:14) And by denying them the means of grace, the Lord’s Super, we delay the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in their life thereby stunting their spiritual growth. timberland 6-inch premium By these two deficiencies, we in effect tell our children they are not part of God’s kingdom and, thereby by default, belong to Satan’s kingdom. nike air max tavas Not that dedicated Christian parents really believe such to be the case, but our practice (or lack of practice) denies what we say we believe and has implications for our children and larger Christian culture. asics france ugg pour homme pas cher Goedkoop Nike Air Max 2017 If the Christian community is going to take over culture (and, unfortunately, too many of the Christian community believe that is unlikely or impossible, which is a whole topic of itself) the work must begin and continue from the bottom up, starting with the Christian family – and more basic than that – our covenant children. New Balance 1300 damskie We can elect the most conservative candidate for President but that is not going to bring change to our culture until there is a strong, God-fearing base of people who are effecting changes in national policy at the local levels, specifically the family. adidas y3 VALCLEAN2 CMF This is the calling of the Christian family and it begins with positioning our children at the earliest age as viable members of Christ’s Kingdom, with all of its rights and privileges, and exposing them to the means of grace which include the hearing of God’s word and the communion of the saints.

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