5 million dollars was raised this year raising the 5 year total

Clozaril was an exciting medication when it first came out because it can be effective in treating some people with schizophrenia who were unresponsive to many other antipsychotics. It was described as a miracle for some patients. Patients and prescribers were also pleased that Clozaril seemed to reduce negative symptoms in schizophrenia more effectively than … [Read more…]

Wilt Chamberlain played high school ball here

6 https://www.oakleyagent.com/>, 2016, in Philadelphia.Wilt Chamberlain played high school ball here. Kobe and LeBron, too.There even a spot dedicated to the greatest Villanova team of all at least, at the time the display was installed the 1985 national champions. The Palestra curators might want to clear space for 2016 title team and maybe even prep … [Read more…]