About Heritage Covenant Church


Services at Heritage Covenant Church have been suspended until further notice.





5 things you should know about Heritage Covenant Church:

1. Family and Age Integrated. We are a congregation of believers where all believers of all ages come together as one to be encouraged and equipped through the vibrant worship of our Lord.

2. Generational Vision. Facilitate the growth of a strong Christian community that supports one another in the work of  raising and equipping Godly generations that will progressively impact our culture – to a thousand generations.

3. Reverent Worship. Reverent, awe-inspiring worship through the power of the Holy Spirit to nourish the soul of the young and old through weekly worship consisting of vibrant singing, vibrant prayer, the applicable preaching of God’s word, and receiving of the Lord’s Supper.

4. Comprehensive Application. Teaching Christians to bring all of God’s word to bear upon every facet of life:  family life and practice, health and nutritional life, financial stewardship, business as employee or employer, political involvement, service to our larger communities, family worship and prayer for others, and celebrating unity through the diversity of callings our Lord has placed upon each one of us.

5.  Christian Community.  A strong Christian community is essential to the success of the Christian Church and family.  Reciprocating hospitality in our homes is encouraged and practiced as well as a weekly fellowship meal after each service and periodic seasonal festivals and gatherings.

Make your plans to join us for worship and fellowship this coming Lord’s day.